Case Study: Printing the 3D Head Sculpture

3D printing is only one part, and maybe the easiest part, in production. You need a 3D file before the printing, and some post-processing works after the printing. As a developer in 3D industry, CoLiDo keen on creating a total solution on production using 3D technology. Here is our attempt at 3D printing of a

Colido DIY 3d printer

CoLiDo DIY Assembly Guide and Test Files

Recently we receive inquiries about the content of the USB flash drive come with CoLiDo DIY packing. The content are the files which help you to assemble the DIY printer and have your first 3D prints. Here is the list of items you can find in the USB flash drive: CoLiDo DIY assembly guide CoLiDo

Print-Rite CoLiDo Repetier-host 1.5.5 has released

The 3D printing software solution Repetier-Host has released a new version specialize for Print-Rite and CoLiDo 3D printers. The new version 1.5.5 has improved the overall 3D printing efficiency and quality. The improvements apply to all CoLiDo printer models. CoLiDo 3D printer users are recommended to upgrade to Print-Rite CoLiDo Repetier-host 1.5.5. If you haven’t

3D Printing Brings You a More Convenient Living

– 5 reasons you should get a 3D printer in your daily life Just like when other technology gadgets (computers, printers, smartphones, etc.) first entered the mass market, most people today don’t know why they might need a 3D printer at home, even though they are now very affordable. Here are some reasons for you

Carving a 3D-Printed Wooden Object

– Realize Your Potential with CoLiDo Wood Filament Currently most of the filaments used in 3D printing are in basic colors (black, white, blue, red, yellow and green). Since the filaments are PLA or ABS – plastic materials – the printed object will no doubt look like a plastic object. But not everything in our