About CoLiDo

The man behind the brand

An Inspiration

CoLiDo(TM) was established by a determined entrepreneur, who built it with a strong mix of passion, persistence and profound industry know-how; he relentlessly led the R&D team to continually develop cost-effective industrial and desktop 3D printers, as well as the supplies for professional, commercial and home use.

The CoLiDo(TM) Story

CoLiDo(TM) is inextricably linked with Print-Rite, one of the world’s leading print consumable companies that is always synonymous with quality, reliability and affordability. With the leadership of the founder, Print-Rite revolutionized the market practices and filled the business gap by accommodating the surging demands of aftermarket print consumables fueled by the proliferation of computer and printer use in the 1980s.

Leveraging Print-Rite’s proven manufacturing capabilities, extensive engineering experiences and the core values on how a successful brand ‘Print-Rite’ was founded, CoLiDo(TM) was created to satisfy untapped, potential customers who desire for user-friendly, well-performed, yet cost-effective, 3D printers and filaments, with varied choices and high compatibility.

Pursuit of Sustainable Values

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our continuous improvements and innovations. In the process of hardware and material properties development, there came multiple variables that would cause failure. We will never compromise on quality, even in the face of any challenges. Instead, these obstacles will turn into valuable experiences and opportunities that give us the upper hand over competitors.

Going the Extra Mile

To address diverse customer needs, whether it’s a startup business, a creative production studio, an educational institution, or a large industrial enterprise, CoLiDo(TM) laboratories conduct rigorous research putting great emphasis on visualizing high quality 3D prototypes in real time and within budget plans.

We go the extra mile for industry stakeholders and our customers, as our goals are simple – We spearhead industry development and strengthen competitiveness whilst delivering high standards and attaining quality and technological breakthroughs.

Ultimately, we endeavor to deliver a one-stop-shop experience to users from beginners, hobbyists, to even professional makers, and partners that foster innovations and creativity for wider applications.

In the long run, we look forward to developing more revolutionary solutions in order to grow long-term strong stakeholder and customer relationships.

… dream it. FEEL IT.

About Print-Rite

Print-Rite has gained over 35-year R&D experience and owns the largest number of patents granted in the aftermarket consumable industry. As a pioneer in the industry, Print-Rite gains a wide recognition in the market with global presence over 120 countries. As a pioneer in the aftermarket consumable industry with over 30 years experience, Print-Rite envisions the development of 3D printing technology and providing accessibility to 3D printer to enable everyone to enjoy the beauty, creativity and utility of 3D printing. Staying ahead of the competition through technical innovation of new applications and services on the needs of markets, CoLiDo demonstrates a breakthrough in product development from 2D and enters the 3D scope originated from the DNA of R&D.