Application FAQ

For new user, we do not suggest adjusting the parameter during printing.
For advanced user, you can push the knob to select “Control” to adjust Nozzle or Bed temperature and printing speed during printing.

Refer to chapter 6.2~6.4 in user manual, print one of the test file on SD Card supplied with printer.

The Repetier-Host software of the printer has standard settings for selecting to use directly.

After convert STL file to GCO file in Repetier-Host software, customer can see the needed filament usage (Length) of printing the object at the end of the g-code command or “Show in Log”. Customer can evaluate the actual filament length is enough to meet the needed filament length.

1. Use 3D modelling software such as UG, 3DMAX and above free software to design your 3D model file and save as STL format.
2. Use scanner to scan 3D model . We recommend scanner “Structure Sensor”which need work with APPLE IPAD.
3. Download 3D model from Website:

1. PLA: Nozzle temperature is 210℃, Platform temperature is 70℃
2. ABS: Nozzle temperature is 220℃, Platform temperature is 110℃

If you do not use the the filament for a long time, keep your filament spool or cartridge in a closed plastic bag to avoid the filament absorbing the moisture in the air.