Teachers now can easily display any abstract concepts to show their students. Students now can easily display any creative works to show their teachers. With CoLiDo 3D printers, teaching and learning are never boring. Let the ships on your horizon take you far out into new 3D printing seas.

Prototyping & testing

Prototyping and testing are important in product development. Using a CoLiDo 3D printer will allow you to build as many test samples as you want, inexpensively and in a short time.

Sales materials

To get business, sometimes we need to display product samples to our potential customers in a sales meeting or at an exhibition. But how can we have the product sample before we confirm the order? CoLiDo 3D printers will build the product samples for you.

Idea sharing

How can you show your abstract ideas in a meeting? A 3D object can help. CoLiDo 3D printer helps turn your ideas into a real object. You can then share it with your colleagues, partners and customers.


Parts of your machine may fatigue or damage after long operation. CoLiDo can produce spare parts for your machine to replace the damaged one.

Special tools

You will need special tools for your production. CoLiDo allows you to produce objects that are specific to your needs.

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