CoLiDo’s 3D Metal Printer is On The Way

CoLiDo’s soon-to-be released Metal Printer provide low-cost 3D metal printing solution for to customers seeking proven reliability and quality for their demanding applications. Stay tuned for the pending release. Here’s how CoLiDo process works: We’ve developed a special filament that contains around 90% metal particles This filament is printed on a specially designed desktop 3D

3D Printer CoLiDo Delta


CoLiDo printers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from the $299 DIY kit to the gigantic CoLiDo Mega. There’s a dual-extruder model, as well as a high-resolution DLP printer. Now CoLiDo is introducing a new delta-style 3D printer, the Delta D1315. The D1315 is CoLiDo’s second delta-style printer, after the massive Mega. Designed

Print-Rite Europe’s brand new 3D printing hub

(Forwarded from Print-Rite Europe official website: We’re proud to announce that we now have our very own 3D printing hub! To celebrate, we invited our local MP, Nigel Mills to cut the ribbon and officially announce the hub as open! Our new 3D printing hub is now home to six of our CoLiDo 3D printers,