CoLiDo’s soon-to-be released Metal Printer provide low-cost 3D metal printing solution for to customers seeking proven reliability and quality for their demanding applications. Stay tuned for the pending release.

Here’s how CoLiDo process works:

  • We’ve developed a special filament that contains around 90% metal particles
  • This filament is printed on a specially designed desktop 3D printer in the usual manner
  • The “green” part that’s produced is removed from the printer and fired in a furnace
  • Firing can take, in the example of stainless steel, 24 hours at 1600C to complete
  • The non-metallic portions of the print are burned out at these temperatures
  • The metallic particles fuse together to form a dense, solid metallic object
  • The completed part shrinks approximately 19% from its green state

Obviously, this process will be spectacularly less expensive than conventional powder-energy systems.

Nevertheless, this process could enable metal printing at much lower prices, making the capability available to many more people and companies.

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