CoLiDo Mega 2.0

Extra Large Build Size 3D Printer

CoLiDo Mega is visibly a massive machine – may be the largest filament based 3D Printer you’ve ever seen. Wide platform size with a build volume of 1.0m diameter x 1.5m height and larger nozzle of 0.8mm layer resolution allow you to create an entire object in one shot. CoLiDo Mega also print at a high speed, 3 times faster than other FDM 3D Printer whilst printing. Last but not least, CoLiDo Mega is a delta-robot style 3D Printer, different from other FDM 3D Platform which employing commonly seen cartesian robot approach. How to make a 1:1 chair without having to assemble many parts? CoLido Mega 3D Printer is the answer.

  • Mega build size – 1 m diameter x 1.5 m height
  • Stable printing
  • High speed printing

WARNING: This 3D Printer – when used with a styrene filament (ABS / HIPS / PC-ABS) – can expose you and others in the same room to styrene, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.


Product Features

Mega build size

CoLiDo Mega 3D Printer has an extra large print size – 1 m diameter x 1.5 m height. From furniture to sculpture to automotive, the printer can create 1:1 3D model at a time. No assembly required, the printed objects are stronger and uniform.

Stable printing

CoLiDo Mega uses aluminum alloy for its body structure. It is light but strong that resists vibrations while printing. Together with a high quality nozzle and motor, CoLiDo Mega has stable printing and ensures a high quality printout.

High speed printing

CoLiDo Mega is 3 times faster in printing than other FDM 3D printers. It can print a 1:1 sculpture in 2-3 days, while other 3D printers usually need over a week to print all the parts.

Technical Specification