3D printing is only one part, and maybe the easiest part, in production. You need a 3D file before the printing, and some post-processing works after the printing. As a developer in 3D industry, CoLiDo keen on creating a total solution on production using 3D technology. Here is our attempt at 3D printing of a head sculpture.

First, we create the 3D CAD file from the photos we find on the internet. There are several software which can help you to turn the 2D image into a 3D CAD file. But you still need to fine tune the CAD file manually since the software is not 100% accurate turning the 2D data into 3D. If you can find more photos of the same person, you will have more data references to create the CAD file.


Here are the rendering photos of the CAD file:


When the CAD file is good enough for printing, we convert the CAD file into STL format and print it with 3D printer. CoLiDo FDM 3D printers are good enough to create high quality printout with a smooth surface.


However, nearly all FDM printer will add support to the printout to ensure the quality of the printout. It is very easy to remove the supporting material – simply by hand. But the supporting part of the printout will inevitably have a rough surface (see below photo). So polishing is needed. Just use sandpaper and polish it by hand.


Below photo shows the printout after polishing. The supporting part is now very smooth. We also polished the whole surface of the printout so that we can easily add color to it.


Finally we add colors to the printout. Just use the correct inks and paint on it.


This is how we make the 3D head sculpture. A good 3D printer can build a high quality 3D object. But to build a perfect object, you also need a accurate CAD file and good post-processing ability. We will show more 3D production cases to you in the coming weeks. CoLiDo also offer 3D printing service and post-processing services. Send your STL file and requirements to [email protected] if you are interested to have a near perfect 3D printout from us.

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