Hong Kong, 20th April 2016 – Union Technology International (MCO) Co Ltd (UTec), the master global distributor of Print-Rite imaging and 3D products, adds Image Transforms Pte Ltd. (Image Transforms), the regional leading provider of 3D technology printing products and services, to its distribution network and bring Print-Rite’s CoLiDo 3D products to the ASEAN region*.

Both Print-Rite and UTec aim to deliver a one-stop-shop 3D experience to users from beginners, hobbyists, to even professional makers, and partners that foster innovations and creativity for wider applications. Designed by knowledgeable professionals with the best materials and technologies, CoLiDo 3D printers are second to none on print performance. With several innovative patents – CoLiDo brings simplicity and ease of use in one package for everyone from the beginner to the expert.

Through Image Transforms’ network, consumers in the ASEAN region* now have world-class 3D printers, accessories and consumables at value driven prices to choose from, supported by a substantial and successful global business. Customers can buy directly online and have their CoLiDo 3D printers delivered in days.

Image Transforms has a great Reseller support program in ASEAN who now have access to the full line of CoLiDo 3D products through Image Transform’s B2B ecommerce portal, which is specially configured for resellers. Purchases can now directly be made from their online store at http://imagetransforms.com/.

The Chairman of Print-Rite and the Managing Director of UTec Mr. Arnald Ho said “We are thrilled to be partnered up with a professional and value driven organisation that not only has the organization and reseller network to provide 3D printing solutions in ASEAN but also strives to provide valuable after sales service and support to CoLiDo customers in the region.

Image Transforms is a subsidiary of Millice Pte Ltd, building off their 35 years of success providing solutions to the high tech industry, to become a one-stop solutions provider for 3D Printing. The company has created a Sales/Service/Spares/Application Engineering Ecosystem to provide a wide range of 3D printers, support, equipment, consumables and accessories serving the needs of the professional, consumer and the prosumer, who are Makers, Educators, Designers and Innovators.

Headquartered in Singapore, with partner expertise across ASEAN including offices in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia and coupled with easy access to the rest of Asia from their Singapore base, Image Transforms’ mission is to be the ‘Prime Resource’ for 3D printing solutions in Asia.

We went and found a tremendous partner in CoLiDo3D / Print-Rite and are thrilled to have such a comprehensive line of products to offer.  The range of solutions are fantastic for our multi-faceted customers and resellers demands” says Joseph Ranieri, the Founder of Image Transforms.  “We share the same vision – ‘holding the hand of the user from entry to success.’. We want to make 3D printing technology accessible to everyone.

For more information about CoLiDo 3D printers and accessories, or to become a reseller in ASEAN, please contact [email protected] or call +65 6552 7211.

For direct purchase please visit http://imageTransforms.com

*Image Transforms is the distributor of CoLiDo 3D products in the following areas:  Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam

About CoLiDo 3D Printers

CoLiDo by Print-Rite, was created after 35 years of R&D and experience in the printing consumable industry. Print-Rite created CoLiDo with the vision of providing easy accessibility to its 3D printing technology so that everyone can enjoy the beauty, creativity and utility of 3D printing. Staying ahead of the competition through technical innovation of new applications and services on the needs of markets, CoLiDo demonstrates a breakthrough in product development from 2D and enters the 3D scope originated from the DNA of R&D. For more information, please visit www.colido.com.

About Print-Rite and UTec

Print-Rite Holdings Limited (Print-Rite) is a holding company for operating companies that invests in, develop and manufacture products in the aftermarket printer consumable industry. Print-Rite‘s subsidiaries provide more than 4,000 products, including ribbons, inks, inkjet printer cartridges, laser printer cartridges, toners, OPC, rollers, and chips. As pioneers in the industry, Print-Rite’s subsidiaries have a market-wide presence in over 120 countries. From components to finished products, they are all produced in modernized and well-equipped plants accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IECQ HSPM QC 080000 standards. Print-Rite also takes pride in the registration of over 2,500 patents worldwide by its subsidiary companies, made possible via their substantial investment in R&D.

Union Technology International (MCO) Co. Ltd. (UTec), the master global distributor of Print-Rite imaging and 3D products, is marketing and sales company specialized in supplying high quality aftermarket printer consumables and imaging supplies to worldwide markets. UTec is also the master distributor of Print-Rite imaging and 3D products for export markets.
For more information, please visit www.print-rite.com and www.union-tec.com.

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