Easily remove printouts

The invention patented by CoLiDo

An old problem

The melted ABS/PLA filament will stick firmly to the build tray when it has cooled down.

It was not easy to remove the print object from build tray.  You needed various tools – knife, cutter, hammer, etc. to scratch the tray surface or even destroy the whole tray to get your printed object.

This would create and require that you use a new build tray after each print job.  In many cases a build could get broken especially if the build consisted of very thin or small parts.

A new solution

Now CoLiDo has found the solution.  CoLiDo’s patented glass platform allows for an easy removal of print object.  The platform is coated by a special material which can prevent the melted ABS/PLA from sticking to it.

CoLiDo will show the temperature of the platform on its one-button control panel.  After the platform has cooled down (usually few minutes after the print job is done), you can remove the print object with your bare hands directly.  If you find some waste remaining on the platform, you can clean it simply by using a cloth.

With CoLiDo’s glass platform technology, 3D printing is no longer a technical job.


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