Live Up to Spring Glory | Two major 3D projects at the provincial and municipal levels in Print-Rite have passed the acceptance smoothly!

 Strive for early spring through practical work, and strive for progress at the right time. Recently, led by Print-Rite Company provincial applied science and technology major special project core and key technology research projects in the city’s industry successfully passed the acceptance inspection organized by the provincial and municipal expert groups!

Among them, the high-precision and highly reliable polymer metal 3D printing equipment based on FDM additive manufacturing process successfully developed by the provincial applied technology major special project is the first in China. Based on basic research on 3D printing application, it is applied to diversified automotive plastic and metal parts, accelerating the promotion and industrialization of technological achievements.

The core and key technology research projects in the industry of Zhuhai have focused on breaking through the key technical issues of PA, PC, polymer metal composite materials and 3D printing process equipment applied in the 3D printing industry, solving the cutting-edge and common technical problems in the field of high-performance additive manufacturing. The project research covers the development of high-performance 3D printing materials, specialized 3D printer development, forming process research, component structure optimization and application evaluation, and other upstream and downstream full chain processes, forming over 40 application demonstration cases in the industrial field.

During the implementation progress of the above two projects, the company has achieved project acceptance targets and applied for a total of 90 domestic and foreign patents, with invention patents and PCT accounting for over 60%. It has led and participated in the preparation of 20 standards, published 30 papers and works, introduced and cultivated a group of innovative talents, and achieved good economic and social benefits. The project expert group gave high praise to the accepted project and unanimously agreed to pass the project acceptance.

Print-Rite always adheres to the concept of leading the sustainable development of the industry, actively enhances its independent innovation capabilities, promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and industries, and focuses on the development of new generation materials, information technology, intelligent manufacturing, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and other key areas. It builds an advanced manufacturing system characterized by green, intelligent, and collaborative features, and promotes the construction of an additive manufacturing ecosystem in the 3D printing industry, Build Print-Rite Additive Materials Co., Ltd into a 3D printing technology solution provider and additive manufacturing ecosystem builder, continuously enhancing customer value, and realizing the company’s vision of “smarter manufacturing, simpler, and more resource efficient”.

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