CoLiDo PETG Filament

COLIDO self-developed neat winding device ensures that the ABS filament is easy to load and use with 3D printers, making it a popular choice for consumer looking for high-quality 3D printer filament.

Diameter Size:   φ1.75mm

Where to Buy

PETG material is tougher than ABS; The product printed with petg filament has translucent and smooth surface. It’s easy to print like PLA without temperature chamber.


Great toughness
Chemical resistance
Water resistance


Life Accessories, Supports, etc.

3D printing technology is efficient and cost-effective, making it a great option for producing small-batch or one-off products. Many individuals and businesses use 3D printing to create unique and practical life accessories.

Hand model, Toys, etc.

3D printing technology can be used to create hand models, toys, and other similar items. With 3D printing, it is possible to create customized, intricate designs with a high degree of accuracy and precision. This technology is particularly useful for creating small-batch or one-off products, such as unique toys or hand models.

Creating Complex Crafts with 3D Printing Technology

With 3D printing technology, designers can create intricate and customized crafts with unique shapes and sizes. The ability to print objects layer by layer allows for the creation of complex details and patterns that were once impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Tensile Strength≥49MPa
Flexural Strength≥68
Flexural Modulus2027MPa
Izod Impact Strength ≥8KJ/m²
Elongation at Break≥210%
Heat deflection temperature≥66℃
Surface FinishNormal
Extrusion temperature230℃-270℃ 
Bed temperature75-85°C
Fan Speed 0%
Printing Speed50 – 100mm/s
Recommended Build SurfacesHigh temperature tape, PVP solid glue